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Frickaccio’s is a slice of Cleveland’s pizza bagel history

When Terry Frick was given an opportunity to take over a slice of West Side Market history eight years ago, she had no clue that her venture would grow to include a catering business, specialty market and restaurant.

“I guess I just needed a challenge in my life,” she said. “I didn’t even know anything about marketing. I’ve learned a lot since then.”

Frick moved into the pizza bagel stand at the market and named it Frickaccio’s. Pizza bagels are a tradition that began at the West Side Market 30 years ago. But, according to Frick, the stand’s previous owner had deviated from the original recipe, and the result was a less appetizing product.

“I experimented with recipes until I came up with one that I thought was wonderful. Then, I trademarked it,” Frick said. “People began telling me that our Frickaccio’s pizza bagels taste just like the bagels they remember buying at the market when they were growing up. I’m so proud to carry on that West Side Market tradition. It’s fun to hear families talk about their history with the pizza bagel, and we hope to continue the tradition for the next 30 years.”

Frick said the yeast for her pizza dough comes from Germany and the oil is from Spain. “The result is a product that is very clean-tasting,” she explained. “It’s like eating pizza in Europe.”

The popularity of the bagels led to Frickaccio’s being featured on the Food Network. Then, President Barack Obama came to Cleveland and the West Side Market, and he ordered pizza bagels. The rest is history.

Frick still operates the pizza bagel stand at the West Side Market. But she also has a shop in Fairview Park that sells pizza bagels along with traditional pizza, toasted grinder sandwiches and salads, and a variety of other lunch and dinner offerings. A specialty market offers bakery, premade frozen pizzas and pizza-making supplies, including Frickaccio’s organic frozen doughs. Several of Frickaccio’s products are certified organic. “How many places in Cleveland, Ohio, are certified organic?” she asked. Frick also supplies specialty doughs like gluten-free, whole-wheat and roasted garlic to retailers such as Fresh Fork Market, Nature’s Bin, Heinen’s and the Mustard Seed Market. She hopes to have her products in Whole Foods Market soon.

Recently, Frick expanded the Fairview Park location to include a European-style dining area. “Every day there is a different food theme, with Tuesday being vegan. Chef Todd Rothman is fantastic with vegan food,” Frick noted. Baker Keith Brown runs the bread shop. “We make a good team. I’m blessed to work with people who really care,” she said.

Frickaccio’s pizza bagels can be purchased at stand A-8 at the West Side Market on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. The Fairview Park location, at 22560 Lorain Road, is open Tuesday through Saturday. Catering is available, from pepperoni party trays to pastas and fresh-baked breads, to boxed lunches to gourmet spreads for large events. Phone 440-227-6073. Major credit cards are accepted.



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