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Traffic flow adustments sought in Cahoon Road sewer projects

By Jeff Gallatin

Bay Village

City officials are looking at ways to make traffic flow around the middle school easier while a major sewer project moves forward on Cahoon Road.

Mayor Debbie Sutherland said Friday the city is working to move a staging area for construction vehicles south of Osborn Road.

During the March 3 City Council meeting, Osborn Road resident Dawn Hamil asked city officials to see if they could find a way to make travel easier for residents and motorists having to go through the construction area for the project. The Cahoon Road sewer project got underway last year and will upgrade city sewer facilities as well as fulfill federal Environmental Protection Agency mandates to the city.

“When the federal EPA says you’ve got to do take some action to meet those mandates, you do so,” Sutherland said. “Otherwise you’ve got some bigger problems with the EPA, which is something you don’t want.”

With work progressing on the improvements, the traffic pattern recently was adjusted to allow vehicles limited turn areas coming out of the middle school to be able to go left, but not right.

Sutherland said the recent adjustments helped, but acknowledged the congestion and slower traffic flow could be frustrating.

“They’ve basically finished in one area by the school, so they probably can make some adjustments in where they are,” she said. “We know it can be difficult to deal with. There has to be some area where the construction vehicles can set up a staging area while the work is going on. We’ll continue to work with the construction crews in an area where they can do their work, while still giving people better access through the area.”

Service Director Scott Thomas said despite the harsh winter this year, the project has moved forward at a good pace.

“That’s a big reason they’ll be able to work on moving the staging area,” he said. “they’ve finished a lot of the related sanitary work in one area so they’ll be able to move some of the vehicles and the staging area.”

Thomas said officials are aware that the project causes challenges to motorists, workers at businesses and residents in the affected area.

“It’s a major roadway and we try to make sure that there are ways through,” he said. “It’s something that we’re working to get done the right way as quickly as possible.”

Thomas told Hamil at the meeting, he would work to find ways to keep the traffic flow as smooth as possible in the project area.

Current timetables say the project should be completed in June.




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