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North Olmsted preparing to get needed Windsor Drive culvert work done this year

By Jeff Gallatin

North Olmsted

Administration and council officials hope to deal with what they believe is long-needed work on the Windsor Drive culvert area in the next two years.

City Council’s Streets and Transportation Committee was scheduled to discuss legislation to advertise for bids to award a contract for the culvert replacement project, which they hope to do later this year.

City engineer Pietro DiFranco said the time has come to do the work.

“The Windsor culvert has deteriorated since its initial construction in 1962, and is at the end of its useful life,” he said. “Inspections performed in the last few years by the Cuyahoga County engineer recommend major rehabilitation or replacement of the culvert, which crosses Windsor Drive.”

DiFranco said the work is also needed because the culvert is an area utilized by many people.

“It’s an important project, because Windsor Drive is one of only two access points to the Park Ridge subdivision, which includes the Spruce Elementary School,” he said.

North Olmsted planning and development Director Kim Wenger said administration officials felt the project was important enough to include in the spending plans, which normally are all allocated for street reconstruction projects.

“The engineer’s estimate for the project is about $380,000, a significant capital investment,” she said. “Typically, the city has spent about $1 million each year on road projects on those streets which were ranked lowest in our annual street rating program. This year, we are including the Windsor culvert project within that $1 million budget.”

Wenger said the administration’s data indicate the project will affect roadways, and needs to get underway this year.

“Inspection reports indicate this is a priority project, and it does impact the road infrastructure,” she said.

Wenger said they also want to get the bids back and the contract awarded in enough time to get the project done by the start of the 2014-2015 school year in August.

In addition, Wenger said, the city hopes to follow up the culvert work with needed street repairs.

“We hope to follow the culvert replacement with resurfacing of Windsor Drive the following year,” she said.




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