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First Bay town hall meeting in several years set for March 31

By Jeff Gallatin

Bay Village

Bay City Council President Paul Koomar said city residents could make the first town hall meeting in several years a capital time.

Koomar said the meeting has been tentatively set for March 31 at the Dwyer Center, a fifth Monday, on which City Council normally would not meet. After some residents noted that there had not been a town hall meeting for several years, Koomar said he planned to set one after the 2014 Bay Village municipal budget was approved, which council did in February.

“With the winter we’ve had this year, I wanted to set one for a time when it was less likely that we had a major snowfall,” he said.

Koomar said Friday the upcoming town hall meeting will allow the council to meet several goals he set for having the next one.

“It will have a format similar to one of our committee or committee of the whole council nights,” he said. “Each council member will talk about the committee that he or she chairs, and what is going on in it at this time. That’s a good way to let people know what’s going on in them. We’ll also let them know that they are like the council meetings in that there is a public comment period where people can talk or ask questions about what is going on in the city. We want to let people know that they have the opportunity to be heard.”

He said one area in which he expects to draw questions or discussions is capital improvement projects in the city.

“Capital projects are something which almost always draw interest from residents,” he said. “It’s a good format to be able to talk about and discuss that kind of work with the residents.”

He said in addition to council, the city administration and department heads will also be invited to participate in the meeting.

“They certainly will have the chance to talk with people or answer their questions,” he said. “This isn’t limited to just council.”

Koomar said the town hall meeting also will give city residents the chance to meet some city officials for the first time. Paul Vincent in Ward 1 and Tom Henderson in Ward 4 were both first-time winners in the last election. In addition, since the last town hall meeting, Rene Mahoney has become finance director and Scott Thomas the service director, and Mark Spaetzel moved from detective bureau commander to police chief.

“It will be a good way for people to meet them and ask questions if they have them,” Koomar said.




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