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FBI podcast focuses attention again on Amy Mihaljevic kidnapping, murder case

By Jeff Gallatin

Bay Village

Law enforcement officials are going online in investigators’ latest efforts to find information that will help crack the nearly 25-year-old Amy Mihaljevic kidnapping and murder case.

A 25-second podcast can be accessed at the FBI website, To access it, go to the news header, call up the “0podcasts and radio” section, and then the “Wanted by the FBI” subsection. The podcast details the FBI’s $25,000 standing reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Mihaljevic’s killer.

Mihaljevic, 10, was abducted from the Bay Square Shopping Plaza on Oct. 27, 1989, by someone who had called her wanting to meet her there on the pretext of buying a gift for Amy’s mother because of a recent promotion at work. A nationwide search by local and national police agencies ensued, with her body eventually being found in a field in rural Ashland County on Feb. 8, 1990.

Bay Village police Chief Mark Spaetzel, who for many years was the lead investigator on the case as the head of the department’s detective bureau, said he’s glad efforts continue to try to solve the case.

“It will draw additional attention to the case being on the FBI’s website,” said Spaetzel, who continues to follow up leads as part of the Bay department’s efforts to solve the case. “A lot of people go through that site. So, getting that kind of attention certainly could help us get the information.”

FBI Special Agent Vicky Anderson said Monday the podcast is already paying dividends.

“We wanted to bring attention to the case on a national level by having the podcast,” she said. “We already have received tips from this.”

Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty hired retired FBI investigator Phil Torsney last year to continue efforts along with Spaetzel, the Bay Village department and the FBI to work on the case. Spaetzel, who as a patrolman spoke to students at Mihaljevic’s school the day she was abducted, said he’s supportive of any efforts to obtain useful information about the case.

“Anything which will help us get information which could lead to the arrest and conviction of the killer is a good thing,” he said. “So I’m all for anything which will bring attention to the case and get someone to give us the information we need to get the arrest and conviction. So, if people think they have some information on this, they can call … the FBI.”

People should call 800-call-FBI.



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