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Street repair plans being readied in North Olmsted

By Jeff Gallatin

North Olmsted

In addition to continuing to combat the effects of this year’s rough winter, the city service department staff is preparing the 2014 street repair work program in North Olmsted.

Officials have set up plans to do a combination of paving, crack sealing and other repairs, as well as shifting resources toward the needed Windsor Drive culvert repair work.

“It will be a busy season,” North Olmsted safety-service Director Don Glauner said.

He said the city will seek bids in the next few weeks for several overlay projects. Those currently scheduled include asphalt overlays, curb cuts and other renovations for Dorchester Drive, Midvale Avenue and Randall Drive, which should make the roadways easier for travelers to deal with. In addition, Walter Road between Lorain and Gessner is scheduled for extensive work, which includes recycling old material as part of the repair project. Glauner said initial cost projections for the projects are in the $400,000 range.

Administration officials also are planning to put about $400,000 into the Windsor Drive culvert repair work, saying it’s been needed for some time and that it will get some of the funds and resources in the 2014 repair programs.

Glauner said the city will also seek bids for crack sealing work in several key roadways in the city, with much of it on Lorain Road. The crack sealing is needed because of the high volume of traffic on the roadway.

“Lorain Road currently isn’t scheduled for any major paving work for another 10 years, so we’re going to be doing crack sealing to help maintain it until then,” he said.

He noted much of the crack sealing work in the last year took place between Columbia and Stearns roads. This year, the program calls for work from Stearns Road to the border with North Ridgeville and from Columbia to the border with Fairview Park.

There also is preliminary scheduling of crack sealing work on portions of Clague and Canterbury roads. He said other major roads such as Mastick and Porter should get some work.

Glauner said the city still may have to change some of the preliminary plans if more pressing needs develop due to problems caused by the effects of the cold weather, noting that it is a possibility because this has been a more severe winter than others in recent years. Other streets can be added, if the weather allows and any crack-sealing supplies remain from the already planned projects, he added.




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