Lakewood OH

Local spiritual healer speaks at Lakewood Public Library

By Nicole Hennessy


His hands flat on the table before him, where a wooden flute lies on top of its case, Johnathan Davis chats with people as the auditorium at Lakewood Public Library gets more and more crowded.

A diverse group fills seats, one by one, and focuses on him; most have come alone.

Davis finally introduces himself and starts talking, more calmly and slower, enunciating his words to eliminate any confusion.

“There’s an intelligence far greater than your mind. There’s an intelligence far greater than your thoughts. There’s an intelligence that, when you listen to it, and you learn from it, and you surrender to it, and allow it to be, it feeds you, it teaches you, it cares for you, it nurtures you and provides you a whole lot of information.”

Most people identify this as the subconscious. In part, it’s the voice that tells you to turn the other way, the gut feeling that helps you make the right decision.

Studied under the subject-area of metaphysics, philosophers have struggled with questions of “being” and the role of the subconsciousness in human health since before of times of Aristotle.

Davis, “a grandfather in the new age,” and a spiritual healer, has been involved with metaphysical teachings and studies for 40 years.

Early on in his career, he worked to initiate programs for young people transitioning out of jail and other “lost looking” teenagers, setting up recreation centers in abandoned churches and talking to them, “letting them know that they have a place in this world where someone’s gonna listen,” he says.

Since that time, a series of events, including one that became life-threatening, the specifics left out of his public recollection, led him to settle in Cleveland, where he found the warmth of the people appealing.

Now he leads talks like this one, sees individual clients and guides groups to become more in tune with themselves.

One woman suggested meditation and yoga as a way to achieve the self-knowledge or “soul integration,” a term Davis coined, as tools to reach the level of self awareness he advocates.

“There’s a lot you can do with your life, making your life the way you want it to be,” he explains, going deeper into his idea of soul integration, the process by which he leads clients to learn to guide themselves, using the inner intelligence most people ignore. “It isn’t a part of your thinking line or analytical thought process that makes it happen. Your thought process has to step out of the way for this to take place.”

This way to journey into the subconscious, he continues, is done by “being alive … by being a creative, living presence that you tap into.”




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