Lakewood OH

Barriers around Bay water line break on Lake Road

By Jeff Gallatin

Bay Village

This winter’s continued cold weather caused yet another problem last Saturday with a waterline break on Lake Road in Bay Village a short distance from the border with Avon Lake.

“Unfortunately, with the winter we’ve had this year, the Cleveland water department and all of the area cities have had to deal with breaks and other issues like this,” Scott Thomas, the Bay Village service director, said Monday. “We have notified the Cleveland water department and they have assured us they will have crews there to repair it as soon as possible.” A Cleveland water department truck was nearby on Lake Road Tuesday morning.

Thomas said a resident of the area notified Bay officials of the problem Saturday. Residents of the home closest to the break were not home at the time.

Thomas said the Bay service department set up signs, blocked off the area on Lake Road around the break and took other measures to try to prevent the water from getting into nearby homes. As of Monday morning, water continued to come out of the break.

“We’ve been able to keep it out of the closest home at this point,” Thomas said. “We’re keeping an eye on the situation until the repairs are taken care of.”

Thomas said there had not been any traffic problems or other issues so far as a result of the line break. He said there has not been a need to close the road or make a major detour so far.




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