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Traffic changes start at Crocker-Clemens intersection

By Kevin Kelley


New traffic patterns and rules at and around the intersection of Crocker and Clemens roads went into effect Nov. 5. The changes are among the final aspects of a two-year, $6 million project that aims to reduce rush-hour congestion where Crocker Road intersects with Interstate 90 and Clemens Road.

The project’s goal was to reroute motorists wanting to enter the freeway farther north and then onto two Clemens Road bypasses, thus moving them away from the congested I-90 interchange.

For example, motorists from Clemens Road east of Crocker Road, including the hundreds of employees at Nordson Corp. and Hyland Software, will not be permitted to turn left onto Crocker Road to access I-90. Instead, drivers are advised to turn right (north) on Crocker, left (west) on Hospice Way (the new western bypass road), left (east) on Clemens, then right (south) onto Crocker to access I-90.

Traffic lights at Crocker Road’s intersections with Hospice Way and Koyo Drive have been added as part of the project. Curbed, raised concrete islands have been installed along Crocker Road north of I-90 to help control traffic as well.

Traffic restrictions for the newly configured intersection are as follows:

•Left turns from eastbound and westbound Clemens onto Crocker will be prohibited, as will left turns from southbound Crocker onto eastbound Clemens.

•Traffic on Clemens will not be permitted to cross Crocker. Drivers will only be allowed to turn right from Clemens onto Crocker either direction.

•Northbound Crocker traffic may turn left, right, or go straight through the Clemens intersection.

•Southbound Crocker traffic wishing to go eastbound on Clemens will use the new Koyo Drive to Bassett Road to Clemens Road.

•Westbound Clemens traffic wishing to go southbound on Crocker will take Bassett northbound to Koyo westbound to Crocker.

•Eastbound Clemens traffic wishing to go northbound on Crocker will use Hospice Way to Crocker.

•To cross Crocker from the east, turn right onto Crocker and left onto Hospice Way.

•To cross Crocker from the west, use Hospice Way, turn left on Crocker, turn right onto Koyo, turn right onto Bassett to Clemens.




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