Lakewood OH

Recount likely in close North Olmsted school board race

By Jeff Gallatin


A recount appears likely later this month in the North Olmsted School Board race with only 19 votes separating third place finisher Tom Herbster from fourth place finisher Chris Glassburn.

Incumbent Joann DiCarlo, with more than 30 years experience on the board,  led the overall balloting with 3,628 votes. Current board vice president Terry Groden, who is finishing his first term on the board, was next with 3,615 tallies.

Currently in third is incumbent Tom Herbster with 3,215 votes. Former board member Chris Glassburn, who left the board several years to focus on his work as an aide in state government, was close behind with 3,196 votes.

However, with more than 90 provisional ballots and some absentee ballots which were postmarked before the election but arrived after Nov. 5, still to be counted, a recount appears likely. If the final margin in a vote is less than 1 percent, there is an automatic recount in any race. Prior to the counting of the provisionals and other absentee ballots, the difference between Herbster and Glassburn’s vote totals was the 19 votes or .14 of a percent.

Both candidates were cautious in noting the margin.

“Things could always change so I really don’t think I should say much at this point,” Herbster said.

“I’m eager to see the final count on the other ballots and then if it occurs, any recount,” Glassburn said.

When it’s last operating levy passed, the school district won a narrow victory when the provisional ballots were counted after it had been losing by a few voted when the regular ballots were tallied.

Officials said any recount should be completed by the end of the month.




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