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Police checking recent incidents for possible links

By Jeff Gallatin

Bay Village

Police believe at least two Nov. 9 incidents involved the same person and are checking other recent incidents for possible links.

Detective Kevin Krolkosky said both incidents were committed sometime between 6 and 11 p.m, one in the western portion of the city and one in the eastern portion. He said officers have evidence indicating it’s likely the same person was involved.

“We have two descriptions of a suspicious person in the area of both incidents around the same time they took place,” Krolkosky said. “In both cases, a clean-shaven, white male under the age of 35 was described to us.”

In addition, Krolkosky said officers believe a tool was used to pry open entrances to one home, noting officers have recovered the tool they believe was used.

He said the first incident took place in the western portion of the city, where nothing was reported missing. He said jewelry was taken from the home in the east end of town, with the homeowner and officers checking for other possible items taken.

In addition, he said officers are looking strongly at a third incident, in which a bike was taken. Krolkosky said that incident was not discovered by the homeowner until Nov. 10, but officers said there is a possibility it was done by the same person seen in the area of the first two incidents.

In addition, Krolkosky said, Bay is checking with other nearby departments and reviewing other incidents for possible connections.

He said the timing of the incidents is probably not coincidental.

“We see more of this type of incident after the time changes and it gets closer to the holidays,” he said. “It’s darker earlier and the thieves go looking for presents and other items that are left out. People need to remember to lock their homes and cars at all times, but especially this time of year.”




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