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Herbster retains North Olmsted school board seat

By Jeff Gallatin

North Olmsted

Both the winner and the loser for the third position on the North Olmsted School Board want to focus on getting new and improved facilities.

Incumbent Tom Herbster retained his seat over former school board member and state legislative aide Chris Glassburn after Cuyahoga County Board of Elections officials finished counting the provisional ballots last week and an official recount was expected to conclude Monday. Herbster had led Glassburn by 19 votes after the initial balloting was concluded. It went up to a 21-vote lead after the provisional votes were counted. Herbster’s fellow incumbents Joanne DiCarlo and Terry Groden had led the balloting.

Herbster said he appreciated the support from citizens again and is glad to be able to focus on school issues.

“I’m glad people saw fit to put me back on the board again,” he said. “It was a good race with very qualified candidates seeking the seats.”

Noting the school district is working on setting a strategic plan for its future, Herbster said his first focus is working with the board and district workers on improving school district facilities.

“I’d like to get that done sooner rather than later,” he said. “We know that we have to find ways to upgrade our facilities. That’s something we can work on as we develop our plans for the future.”

Herbster said the current staff and school board are all experienced and working with the community to develop plans to move the district forward.

“We have good people in the schools and the community,” he said. “We can keep the district at a high level of performance.”

Glassburn, who had sought a return to the board after choosing to not seek re-election to the board several years ago to focus on his work with the state, lauded Herbster and said he will stay involved.

“Tom Herbster is a friend of mine and a good man,” Glassburn said. “I wish him only the best. When I went into the race, I wanted the board to focus on improving our school buildings, and I would hope that the district would continue to work on finding ways to do that.”

Glassburn said he would be attending meetings and staying interested in activities in the district and in the community.

“I’ll be around,” he said.




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