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Brickman wants to revive Bay luxury apartment project

By Jeff Gallatin

Bay Village

Developer Andrew Brickman is making preparations to renew work on putting eco-friendly, luxury apartments in Bay Village.

After a presentation Thursday about the new Riversouth luxury ecohomes planned for Fairview Park in 2014, Brickman said his firm, Abode Modern Lifestyle Developers, will again try to find a way to make a similar project work in Bay Village.

“I think we can resuscitate that project,” he said. “We’re going to talk to the different people involved in the area and see what we can do.”

Brickman and his Abode partner Justin Campbell made a spring presentation to Bay Village administration and City Council officials about placing eco-friendly, luxury apartments in Bay Village near the former Shell gas station and Cahoon Creek area. Council then held several special meetings during what is normally its summer recess and ended up placing a proposed charter amendment on the November ballot to deal with development in the area. The proposal would have allowed development of the area with apartments. After residents and some council members expressed reservations about possible tax abatements – which Brickman said he would seek for the project – council also set up guidelines as to when the city would consider seeking such abatements. The Bay Village Planning Commission also is scheduled to further define attached housing guidelines for the city overall, which would affect any such project, officials have noted.

The Bay Village city charter stipulates that for such a measure to pass, voters in the city overall and the ward where a project is located must pass it. The measure passed in the city overall, but because voters in the precinct where the affected property is located rejected it, it did not pass.

Despite that vote, Brickman said he believes the project can be done, saying he believes he can work with the city on the project.

“We’ll be talking to the law director and council about it and the new councilman about it, and I believe the mayor is in favor of it,” he said. “We’ll also be letting people in the area know what we want to do. I think we can make our case for it to be done.”

Bay Village law Director Gary Ebert said the conditions are there for a development project to move forward, if people want it to.

“The attached housing issue is before the municipal Planning Commission,” he said. “If the city gets a resolution of how that issue is to be handled within the city, then that would give people a clearer picture of what could take place. Then, council could consider the issues again and place an issue on the ballot again next November.”

Ebert said it could be any project, not just Brickman’s.

“The key will be the definition of the attached housing,” he said. “If that’s defined, then the city could have a project like Mr. Brickman’s or anybody else who wants to try and develop an area.”




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