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O’Grady files information request on Mayor’s Court salaries, house

By Jeff Gallatin

North Olmsted

Mayoral candidate Thomas O’Grady has filed a public information request with city officials seeking records pertaining to mayor’s court employees and the city purchase of a Dover Center Road home.

O’Grady, a former mayor who is challenging incumbent Kevin Kennedy for the post he lost to Kennedy in the last election, questioned Kennedy and other officials at the Oct. 1 City Council meeting about how the secretaries to Kennedy and law Director Michael Gareau are paid for their work on the mayor’s court. O’Grady questioned Kennedy about the two secretaries and how they were paid for their work on Thursday nights at the mayor’s court. Kennedy and Gareau noted that the two secretaries receive compensatory time off for their work in mayor’s court. The two secretaries, Annie Kilbane and Coletta Strippy, have been working on Thursday nights in addition to their regular duties with the law director and mayor, respectively. When O’Grady continued with questions about the mayor’s court compensation, City Council President Nicole Dailey Jones told O’Grady he could ask questions of the mayor and other people at the meeting, but noted he should file a records request for the actual documentation and records, since they were not readily available at the meeting.

O’Grady filed the request the

next day.

“Please provide a copy of the audio recording of my comments to council during the public participation of last night’s council meeting, with responses from elected officials,” O’Grady wrote in the request, which is directed to North Olmsted City Council Clerk Marie Gallo. “Please provide a complete accounting of the hours worked by the secretaries to the mayor and law director at the North Olmsted Mayor’s Court during 2013. Please provide details of how they were paid, to include all secretary 1 salaries and benefits. Please provide documentation supporting Kevin Kennedy’s claim that this work was submitted to council. Please provide documentation from any meetings on this subject to include audio recordings. Finally, please provide an explanation as to ‘why’ these costs have not been included in city documents detailing the financial productivity of the NOMC.”

As of Monday, Gallo said she had sent the records pertaining to City Council, while officials said the other records were being put together by the city’s law department and were expected to be sent to O’Grady shortly.

In addition to the mayor’s court data, O’Grady also sought information on the purchase of a house at 3827 Dover Center Road. During the campaign, O’Grady has questioned the city’s purchase of the house, which officials have said was needed as part of the ongoing work on the multimillion-dollar projects upgrading the city’s wastewater treatment plant and sewer facilities. O’Grady contends the city could have gone around the site,

instead of making the purchase. City officials in turn say having the property makes the project work in the area easier.

O’Grady said Monday he was still awaiting receipt of the information.




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