Lakewood OH

New mural unveiled at busy Lakewood intersection

By Nicole Hennessy


Jacqueline DelBrocco's new mural awaits installation on Lakewood's Bailey Building. Photo courtesy of DelBrocco

Just before the intersection of Warren and Detroit roads, headed north, is a new mural stretched across the Bailey Building.

Inspired by Jim Morrison’s lyrics, “Shake dreams from your hair, my pretty child, my sweet,” Jacqueline DelBrocco, who designed the piece, began with an “uplifting figure shaking dreams of hope from his or her head,” adding many other dimensions as she completed the project.

Chosen from several other proposals, DelBrocco’s colorful mural reflects the style and direction of her more recent pieces, including a guitar she painted for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

In addition to a BFA from Wittenberg University, DelBrocco also studied painting in Rome, Italy, and at the Cleveland Institute of Art. She earned a second bachelor’s degree in biology, which, she says, “tends to creep its way into my artwork.”

Owner of a Chesterland gallery called JADE, DelBrocco has exhibited across the Midwest and has created pieces for the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and a California winery called Artiste, for which she designed a label.

Incorporating Cleveland’s skyline, the outline of Ohio and several actual bike parts, including a wheel and seat, this is the largest mural she has ever completed.

When she submitted her proposal for the piece to building owner Brad Kowit, she intended for it to be a traditional two-dimensional mural.

Then, “They came back to ask me if I could revise the proposal to make it 3-D,” she said. And she was happy to make a few changes, incorporating metalwork and bike parts, which, she thought, made sense for Lakewood, since it has a large biking community.

Working in collaboration with a colleague Jerry Schmidt, owner of Waterloo 7 Studio/Gallery, on the metalwork portions of the piece, DelBrocco explained, “I’ve been very textural with my artwork in the past few years.”

The end result is a series of four separate panels attached to the building. Colorful and dreamlike, several metal figures surround an Eleanor Roosevelt quote painted across the entire piece.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams,” it reads, large enough for any passerby to read.

DelBrocco, who posted photos of the whole process on her Facebook page, said she is “very passionate about not only creating artwork, but finding new and exciting ways to share it with people around her.”



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