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First drug sweep at Bay High in several years nets no drugs

By Jeff Gallatin

Bay Village

Police officials’ first drug sweep of Bay High School in several years yielded little results – a fact that pleased police and school officials.

Several Bay Village officers along with K-9 officer teams from other departments conducted a sweep of lockers, and also vehicles in the school’s parking lot.

“There were a few hits, but we did not find any drugs in any of the vehicles or in any of the lockers,” Detective Lt. Mark Spaetzel said. “That makes me very happy. It means there weren’t any drugs in the school, at least today.”

Spaetzel said a hit by the dog does not mean there are definitely drugs present.

“If you get a hit on the car it means someone could have had something in there at some point or someone smoked marijuana in it. But, at least for this time, there weren’t any drugs present, which is a good thing.”

Spaetzel said not finding any drugs does not mean officers believe there are no drugs in the schools or that they’re not being used.

“We knew there are drugs out there and that there is use,” he said. “But when we put it out publicly that we would be doing a sweep at times, we wanted to take preventative measures to help stop them from being brought into the school, and in that we succeeded. We will still continue to check both in the schools and in the community.”

Bay High Principal Jason Martin sent a letter to parents detailing the sweep and the results.

“Our goal in conducting this sweep was to deter students from bringing drugs to school and to provide a safe learning environment,” Martin wrote in the letter. “We are committed to having a drug free school and ask for your assistance and support for that reasonable expectation.

“Should your child’s car or locker have been identified by one of the canines, you would already have heard from us. We are pleased to report that we had a very limited number of hits based upon the number of lockers and vehicles the canines checked. We view that as a positive development,” he said.

“We will remain diligent in our efforts to keep Bay High School drug free,” Martin concluded.

Both Spaetzel and school district

Superintendent Clint Keener, who announced at a school board meeting several weeks ago the district’s and police’s intentions to conduct periodic sweeps, indicated that there would be additional sweeps in the future as well.




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