Lakewood OH

City setting up direct payment option for Bay sewer, trash bills

By Jeff Gallatin

Bay Village

Residents will soon have the option of trashing the sewer and rubbish pickup bills mailed to them.

Bay Finance Department workers have set up a system in which residents can authorize that payments be deducted quarterly from their checking or savings account for those bills. Finance Director Renee Mahoney said it will be similar to a billing system she used when she worked at the Lakewood Catholic Academy several years ago. Residents can get information from the city on the new system now, with officials planning to implement it for the first quarter of 2014.

“Right now, we’re trying to let people know about the option and how to use it,” Mahoney said. “We’ve still sent out the bills for the last quarter of 2013 in the old-fashioned way.”

She said benefits of using the new system include saving time with fewer checks to write and mail, allowing people to have a bill paid even if they’re on vacation or out of town for work, no late charges and saving money on postage. It also is a free service once the customer authorizes it.

“This should be a lot more convenient for residents to use because it’s pretty easy to set up,” Mahoney said. “We have about 6,200 customers who receive these bills, and I’d be thrilled if half of them decided to use this option.”

She said the bills would be set up for deduction on the 20th of January, April, July and October, or the next business day. There will be proof of payment on the customer’s bank statement. Once approved, the authority to charge the account will remain in effect until the customer notifies the city in writing to terminate the authorization.

“The customer is still going to have a quarterly invoice, and if the amount of the payment changes we will notify the customer at least 10 days before it takes place so they can have their account ready,” she said.

She said people will be able to get the form by going online to the city website,, or by picking one up at City Hall. They then can include the completed form with their October payment, drop it off at City Hall or fax it to 440-871-5751.

“We don’t want people to return it online because there will be private bank account information on it,” Mahoney said.

She reminded people to sign their form and include a contact phone number.




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