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Public meeting planned for upcoming $1.4 million Cahoon Road sewer project

By Jeff Gallatin

Bay Village

City officials plan to have a public meeting in mid-October to explain final plans for the $1.4 million sewer project starting on Cahoon Road in November.

“We’re still working out the last of the details on all of it,” Mayor Debbie Sutherland said Friday. “As soon as we finalize a lot of the information, we’ll set up a date and time for the meeting where the public can find out a lot more about what will be going on.”

Administration officials and City Council have been working on the various details, with City Council passing related legislation at the Sept. 16 council meeting. Sutherland said the city wants to make sure all the details are set up properly, noting that the condition of sewers has been a major issue both with city residents and with government officials.

“It’s a major project for us,” she said. “First off, we have to do it to fulfill a (federal) EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) mandate,” she said. “We’re fortunate that we’re in a position now that we can get it done this year.”

She said the city has done a good job of working with the EPA before, and that it has helped Bay Village get cooperation from the federal agency.

“We’ve given them some good plans and shown that we’re working to fulfill their mandates, which helps when they are considering what has to be done in the city,” she said.

In addition to the EPA, Sutherland said the city has also benefited on the project by having a good relationship with the state of Ohio. She said that has helped to get nearly $500,000 in state funds to help pay for the work.

“Getting that kind of assistance makes it easier to get it done as quickly as possible,” she said.

Sutherland said the work will be fixing overflow problems, which have developed in the city over time.

“When we sent cameras through the system, we saw the different problems,” she said. “These sewers are several decades old, and as a result need to be brought into line with more modern parts and technology.”

Sutherland said the project will be done in sections to try to lessen the traffic and access problems created by the work being done.

“It’s a major roadway so we know the work will slow traffic down, and we’re going to be doing it in the winter, which also can add to the potential problems,” she said. “But by doing it in sections and taking all the precautions we can, we’re going to try and minimize the problems as much as we can.”

Sutherland said the public will be able to ask questions at the public meeting and also said the city will have regular information updates while the project is going on.

“We’re going to try and keep people as informed as possible as to how it’s going,” she said. “But it will result in better sewers for us.”




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