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Volunteer North Olmsted students, community teaming up for cleanup effort

By Jeff Gallatin

North Olmsted

Volunteers have hit the streets seeking support and are preparing to put a new face on several parts of the North Olmsted school district stadium and other facilities.

Students went around the city for an hour and a half Sunday passing out information to city residents, businesses and organizations about the efforts to improve the stadium and district athletics facilities. This Sunday and Aug. 18, a group of student and adult volunteers called North Olmsted Teams in Action, put together by the North Olmsted Booster Club, will be working on a series of renovations at the stadium.

The work started last week when they painted the training room, replacing the floor and lights in it as well. The stadium projects scheduled for the next two Sundays include painting the stadium fence, renovating both of the stadium entrances, updating the ticket booths and concession stands, improving the press box area and landscaping the property around both the middle and high schools.

North Olmsted athletics Director Mike Ptacek said the volunteer effort has short, and long-term benefits.

“We’re giving the students and teams some additional ownership in the stadium and the facilities in the district,” he said. “It’s good for them to be working together and with members of the community on this type of project together.”

Ptacek said he also appreciates the boosters and other adult groups and organizations getting involved as well.

“It’s good to have all these people pulling together and working on upgrading our different facilities. The facilities will be better for it, and we’ll have a stronger community.”

Bill Pfeiffer, a parent involved in the project, said his interest stems from caring about education and the community.

“My daughter is in the marching band, she’s a squad leader and she’s on the bowling team,” he said. “Having strong schools is in the best long-term interests of the community.”

Ptacek said the work goes along well with the efforts by the North Olmsted Stadium Foundation toward putting in new artificial turf at the stadium and upgrading other district athletics facilities.

“It’s all working toward the same end,” he said. “We appreciate all the people being interested in doing something like this.”

Annie Dunn, the manager of the North Olmsted Sherwin-Williams store, said the store and company were glad to donate the paint for the projects as well as the brushes and other supplies to be used to get the work done.

“It’s part of the company culture,” she said. “Sherwin-Williams always takes an active role in its communities and encourages us to be active as well.”

Originally from Fairview Park, Dunn has managed the North Olmsted store for four months and this worked for the company for a little more than two years.

“I was in Akron for a while, but

it’s nice to be back in this area,”

she said.

Ptacek said the different district groups will continue to work where it can on projects that aid facilities and different activities. He noted that there are additional upcoming events for the district and the stadium foundation’s work.

“We’re always happy to have people interested and willing to help out,” he said. “If they want to come out and help the next couple of weekends, they’d be welcome to be here.”




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