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Annex demolition pact awarded, razing set for August

By Jeff Gallatin

North Olmsted

District officials think it will be close, but they expect to have the middle school annex razed by the start of the school year in late August.

A $290,00 contract for the work was awarded Thursday by the school board to Sitetech Inc., a Grafton firm that has done other demolition work in the area. The work will include all aspects of the project, including the demolition and work on converting the area to create a better traffic flow and parking for buses and parents’ vehicles that are picking up and dropping off students during the school day.

Interim Superintendent Terry Krivak said the asbestos removal at the site has been concluded, and the next step is to obtain a permit for the demolition work.

“After they obtain the permit, there’s a mandatory 10-day EPA waiting period to make sure there are no other issues,” he said. “Once that is up, they can start the demolition.”

Krivak said district officials realize the time frame is tight, but said the work should be able to be done by the start of the school year.

“It’s got us right up against the wall, timewise, where we didn’t want to be; but we still should be able to have this done by the time school starts,” Krivak said.

Krivak and district officials set up the plan including the demolition of the building to allow more room for vehicles going through the middle school area at the beginning and end of the school day. The district previously discussed demolishing the annex, but had not formally acted upon it before now. The building, which was built in the early 20th century, has also served as a school but has not been used by the district for any purposes since 2006, officials said.

Michael McDade, the district’s business services manager, said the work also includes having the landscaping on the project done during the school year, saying that would help the work timetable as well. The demolition work and repaving of the area with asphalt will be the priority so the new traffic pattern can be put into place. Sitetech also did the demolition of the former Rally’s by the GetGo station in the nearby Water Tower Plaza.

Board member Linda Cleary asked if the old school sign from the building will be saved, and McDade indicated that specific instructions have been given to save the sign for future display by the district. Krivak indicated that the middle school, and district officials, will be saving some bricks from the old annex building, and are putting together plans for making the bricks available to people interested in the building and its history.

Both Krivak and McDade said a fence will be placed around the work site as quickly as possible to keep it safe and keep intruders out. Joann DiCarlo asked about trees on the site, and McDade indicated that two would be coming down in the old parking area. He said one is diseased and the other could present potential problems to the new paving by having its roots go underneath it. He said three new ones were also being planted, and a landscaping plan has been developed. He said having the landscaping and planting work done when the weather is cooler will aid growth.




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