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2013 Rocky River Bright Spots

The Bright Spots program is a way to recognize residents who spend extra time and effort to enhance their property’s curb appeal as well as their neighborhood. It is not a competition. As in the past, the focus was on the front yards so that volunteers did not have to go on private property during the review process. Find more information about the Rocky River Beautification Committee and Bright Spots pictures at Congratulations to the following Bright Spots recipients:

Public Bright Spot – Rose Point along Kensington Oval; cared for by Greg and Karen Cada, Lori Inks and other volunteers

2118 Aberdeen Road

22410 Blossom Drive – Eileen Dunn

3470 Bradford’s Gate – Brad and Ruth Haidet

44 Buckingham Road – Jon and Kellie Lupica

3917 Colonial Court – Greg and Gailyn Popovich

Don and Pat Santa-Emma

3481 Dellbank Drive – Terri L. Borchert

22175 Detroit Road – James Lionel Barrett

22630 Detroit Road – Teresa Graham

20905 Endsley Avenue – Christine Skelly

2029 Erie Road – Benjamin and Christa Lokiec

21399 Erie Road – Patrick Merrick and Dinoree Cesaro

1381 Eriewood Drive – Carl and Nancy Meermans

577 South Falmouth Drive – Debbie Gaebelein

20685 Hilliard Boulevard – Sonja Ticak

22140 Hilliard Boulevard – Helene Fyffe

18904 Inglewood Avenue – Jane Cammann and Chuck Engle

323 Kensington Road – John and Veronica Selby

2921 Lakeview Avenue – Anne Chaplin

20017 Laverne Avenue – Meredith Lahl

3889 Linden Road – Tina and Mike Kurgan

21191 Maplewood Avenue – Allen and Aggie Arabian

3975 Mark Avenue – Tony and Kerry Bebie

20050 Parklane Drive – Susan Lambert

19732 Riverview Avenue – Sally Rowland

19965 Riverwood Avenue –  Robert and Shirlee Jensen

3355 Thompson Circle – Claire and Gary Pildner

2775 Wagar Road – Renee and Don Tomsik

21170 West Wagar Circle – Pat and Maureen Donoughe

20186 Westover Avenue – Margaret and Bill Nagel

2839 Wildflower Drive – Ellen and Brian Minerd

18600 Winfield Avenue – Tim and Ann Niklas




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