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Bay schools, OAPSE union reach three-year agreement

By Jeff Gallatin


With the approval of a three-year contract with OAPSE (the Ohio Association of Public School Employees), Bay Village school district officials have now reached agreement with all of its employee unions.

School board members unanimously approved the new pact, which takes effect the next school year, for the nonteaching employees union at the June 24 regular board meeting. Like the contracts with other employee unions, the agreement contains raises of 2 percent each year for the first and second years of the agreement and a 1.75-percent raise the third year of the contract.

Superintendent Clint Keener said the raises for the workers would cost the district about $30,000 each year in the new OAPSE contract.

“They’re the same as the other employees received in their agreements, so it’s all been the same in terms of the percentages,” he said. “We had a couple of years with no raises and a year with no step increases, so we’re in a better position to be able do this.”

He said the district also will again benefit from the workers agreeing to pick up more of their health care costs by going from 12 to 15 percent in what they contribute, as well as having eligible spouses pick up their own insurance costs if they can get insurance through their employers.

“That’s making a really big difference in our budget and district finances,” Keener said. “Health care costs are a really big issue nowadays, and we appreciate all our employees recognizing that and working with the district on that to find a fair solution for our district.”

Keener said initial estimates are that the district will save about $399,000 as a result of how the health care provisions in the contract were set up.

Steve Hall, a spokesman for the Bay school district’s OAPSE group, said its members are aware of the current economic climate.

“It’s something you have to see because of what’s going on in the world,” he said. “We know it’s not easy right now, so we try and work with the district to come up with something which is the fairest thing for all of us.”




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