Lakewood OH

Workers expect repairs on City Hall pillars to hold up

By Jeff  Gallatin


City service department workers have shored up a problem with the pillars located on both sides outside the City Hall entrance doors.

Service Director Dan Galli said the work should be completed this week on fixing the pillars and their bases. The work began in late May and is something the department has been reviewing for several weeks on how best to do it.

“It’s something we’ve wanted to do for awhile,” Galli said. “There has been deterioration going on for sometime, so we wanted to deal with that. The bases were in need of  some major repair.”

Galli said records indicated the pillars were part of a 1970 construction project at City Hall. He said the department checked the pillars to make sure there were no major safety issues to consider while they were doing the work.

“We checked to see how this would affect the roof  area while we were doing the work,” he said.

Galli said workers found because of the structure’s design, the roof would remain solid while workers braced the pillars and did the repair work.

He said the city found it could do the work in-house and save on the project costs.

“We have a couple of pretty talented masonry workers within the service department, which helped because we didn’t have to seek outside help to do the repairs,” he said.

Galli said the workers were able to repair the pillars and also put in new brick work by the pillars, helping establish a firmer foundation, saying it will last for many years. He said because the work was done by the city, the project costs would be about $2,000 when completed.

Mayor Debbie Sutherland said the work benefits the city.

“It’s in an area where we have a lot of foot traffic because people are coming in and out of  City Hall at that entrance all day long as well as nights when there are meetings,”  she said. “It’s going to look a lot better when it is completed and will certainly provide a lot more support. They’ve done a good job and taken care of a problem.”




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