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Preventive maintenance pact with county will benefit Bay, officials say

By Jeff Gallatin

Bay Village

City and county officials have set in place the foundation for additional cooperation on preventive maintenance work on Bay Village public works projects.

Bay Village City Council unanimously approved a resolution at its June 17 meeting that allows the Cuyahoga County Department of Public Works to perform preventive maintenance services related to roadways, sidewalk and curb ramp repairs, catch basin/manhole rebuilding, pavement striping, crack sealing, street sweeping and other related services. The agreement does not cost the city anything to enter into, officials noted.

Mayor Debbie Sutherland was pleased to have another additional venue for cooperation between the city and Cuyahoga County officials.

“We’ve had a fine working relationship with the county for many years on work such as construction projects on roadways which are county and city roads,” she said. “They’ve been a big help in that regard in getting that type of work done.”

She cited a recent example of the city and county teaming up on a major construction project in recent years.

“Now, we have additional options as a result of this agreement,” she said. “This gives a lot more ability to see assistance from the county if we would like it.”

Sutherland said the ability to get additional preventive maintenance assistance will bolster city capabilities and services.

“We can pick and choose what we might need assistance with,” she said. “It allows us the option of putting our city staff on a project and utilizing the county in other areas if there is a need.”

Bay Village service Director Dan Galli said it’s similar to the city taking part in the state purchasing program, which allows the city to buy vehicles and other equipment from vendors that have gone through the state program.

“The state’s a bigger entity and can get a better deal because of the higher volume it produces than we can by ourself as a city in many cases; plus, these businesses have already been checked by the state, which saves some work,” he said. “It will be similar with the county program. We can look at something like road pavement striping and crack sealing and see if they’ve got a better deal than we got or can get. If we like what they got, then we can take it. If not, we still can do something on our own.”

Councilman at Large Steve Lee said it’s a good deal because it doesn’t cost the city anything to participate, but still gives the city more options in seeking the best deal possible.

Ed Jerse, the Cuyahoga County director of regional collaboration, said the county is trying to make working together easier for governmental bodies and agencies.

“We’ve been setting the program up to continue to provide additional resources for communities,” he said. “We realize that there are still instances where cities are going to work together; it’s harder in many ways to do that. “

Jerse noted that the county has the ability to obtain more resources and products by obtaining or purchasing products and also work with all the cities and agencies involved.

Sutherland noted that Cuyahoga County officials have been reaching out more to communities within the county in recent years.

“They’ve been making additional efforts to make services available to cities and other agencies in recent years,” she said. “It’s beneficial to all of us, and cooperation between different governmental bodies and agencies is certainly the way to go if we’re going to continue to survive and prosper in the future.”




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