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Indians closer Chris Perez under investigation for “suspicious” delivery



Rocky River

Police Chief Kelly Stillman, city prosecutor Michael O'Shea and WEB's Jeff Capretto address the media at Rocky River City Hall. (West Life photo by Sue Botos)

By Sue Botos

Indians closer Chris Perez is being investigated for what was described by police as a “situation” involving the delivery of a suspicious package to his Rocky River home.

Chris Perez' Parklane Drive home.

At a press conference today, Rocky River police chief Kelly Stillman stated that on June 4, a task force involving members of the Westshore Enforcement Bureau (WEB), The U.S. Postal Investigative Services and the Rocky River police conducted an “operation” at 19850 Parklane Drive, where Perez has been living with his wife Melanie and two small children.

Stillman, who appreared before the media with city prosecutor Michael O’Shea and WEB’s Jeff Capretto, said the agencies had been alerted about the parcel, and once it was delivered, via regular mail to the home, a search warrant was obtained and a raid conducted. “It’s no mystery that this was a controlled substance,” added Stillman, who did not elaborate on what else was found in the house, who was present at the time or to whom the package was addressed.

While there has been much speculation as to the parcel’s contents, Stillman said positive identification would wait until further investigation by the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation.

Stillman stated that there had been “a lot of history” with the house, adding that over the past 10 years, police have paid numerous visits. He did not elaborate on the nature of these calls. He said that there have been none since the Perez family recently moved in. He added that the current investigation is unrelated to past incidents.

According to information provided by the Cuyahoga County Auditor’s office, the house is owned by Parklane Trust, and Dominic George is listed as the trustee since April of 2012. The 3,000 square foot house is appraised at $350,000. Stillman said the trustee’s whereabouts are unknown.

Perez, who did not accompany the Indians on their current road trip due to injury, has never been shy around the media. But a woman, whom neighbors identified as a baby sitter, emerged from the house, carrying a small child, telling media members, who descended on the neighborhood to leave, and that Perez was not at home.

Arlene McAndrew, who was visiting her mother-in-law at the house next door said that the family seemed friendly, and that her young son had played some with the Perez children. She added that her mother-in-law had never noticed anything suspicious going on.

Stillman said that the investigation will continue, but so far no charges have been filed and Perez has not been arrested.

In a statement, Indians General Manager Chris Antonetti stated that he has talked to Perez and is “currently in the process of gathering additional information.”. He added that the team will make no further comments at this time.





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