Lakewood OH

Bid for Lake Road work going out in July, construction expected to start in August

By Jeff Gallatin

Bay Village

Administration officials expect to advertise for bids for the Lake Road reconstruction project in early July and get the actual work under way in August.

Bay Village service Director Dan Galli said Friday the city and the Ohio Department of Transportation teaming up on the major road project had received what should be the last project changes prior to placing the project out for bid.

“They were just some some items which don’t change the large scope or intent of the project,” Galli said. “We’re incorporating those changes into the bid package and will be putting that soon. We’d like to have done that next week, but I think it’s more realistic to plan to have it done in the first week in July.”

Galli said now that the bid is close to going out, the project should proceed at a good pace. Initial estimates place the work at an estimated $750,000, with the state picking up 85 percent of the cost. The city engineering firm, CT Consultants, has put together the project design plans and will be ready to get the work under way after the bids go out and then are awarded, Galli said.

“We should have the ads out seeking the bids in the first week, get them back by mid-July and then award them shortly after that,” he said. “After that, we would hope to get the project under way in August.”

Weather permitting, Galli said, the reconstruction work should be a four- to six-week project for whichever construction company is awarded the contract.

“It’s a good time of year for that type of project,” he said. “We’ll have to make sure traffic is maintained at as a good a flow as possible for that type of project. But we would hope to have the project completed by fall.”

Mayor Debbie Sutherland said she’s pleased the project is close to getting started.

“It’s certainly something which we’ve needed to get done,” she said. “Since it’s such a heavily traveled roadway for many people coming in and out of the city, it’s a project which is going to affect many people.”

Sutherland said city officials appreciate their Ohio counterparts’ willingness to work closely with the city on the project.

“They’re also aware that it’s a major project which is important to a lot of people,” she said. “We really appreciate ODOT’s willingness to work it into their schedule this year so we could get it done as quickly as possible.”

Sutherland said that willingness to work closely with the city and act quickly speaks well of the relationship between city and county.

“We’ve worked together on other projects in recent years, and it shows the good that can come when you work at developing relationships between different governmental bodies and people,” she said. “It also shows how important it is that we as a city continue to take part in organizations where we come in contact with and have the opportunity to work with other governmental bodies and organizations. That was a key in getting this project to where it’s at now.”




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