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Bay Senior Center to get Wi-Fi, new computers

By Jeff Gallatin

Bay Village

Bay Village’s Senior Center is getting ready for some technological upgrades to its facilities.

Community Services Director Debbie Bock said the Bay Women’s Club is donating money so city workers can install Wi-Fi at the center, and is also working with other community groups to get new computers and other equipment for the center.

“We’re hoping to have the Wi-Fi installed in the center by the end of June,” Bock said. “It’s something where we’ve had some interest, like when some of the seniors bring their laptop, but haven’t been able to use them here. This will make the center a lot more accessible for people who want to be able to use computers here.”

Bock said the center currently has two computers, but said the center will welcome the upgrade.

“They’re pretty old and slow,” she said. “So people are kind of limited in what they can actually do on them. We appreciate the women’s club and other organizations having this kind of interest and being willing to give us this kind of support.”

Bock said city workers said they will be able to upgrade the area in the senior center where the current pair of computers is.

“They said it shouldn’t be too difficult to get all of this done,” she said. “There will be portals for people to be able to utilize Wi-Fi, and my understanding is that we should be able to put in additional computers as well. The seniors will be able to do a lot more of those kind of activities as a result.”

Bock said she’s looking forward to working with the seniors in the upgraded area.

“They should have a lot of fun with the new technology and capabilities,” she said. “They like to keep up on what’s going on, and this should help them do that.”

Bock said it’s nice for the seniors to be getting the new technology to use.

“They’ve given a lot to the community through the years; it’s good to see them getting something like this,” she said.

Lou Popp, a spokeswoman for the women’s club, said the group’s civic contributions committee headed up the work on getting additional resources for the senior center.

“We make contributions to different civic-related groups every year,” she said. “This one is a real fun one for us. We want the seniors to be able to use this type of equipment.”

Popp said the women’s club is working with other community organizations to obtain new computers and other equipment for the senior center.

“We’re also looking at trying to get a new copier with the computers,” she said. “We’re trying to get them as much useful equipment as possible. The city’s indicated it can get them installed after we get them.”



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