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WESTLAKE: Superintendent’s list of recommended cuts

Below is a list of proposed cuts Westlake City Schools Superintendent Dan Keenan has given school board members in light of the defeat of the district operating levy. The board will likely vote on the cuts in June.

Administrative reductions  – 8%, or approximately $75,000

  • Positions impacted
  • Reduce gifted coordination support attained this year via a grant – state/federal reductions resulted in grant eliminated, we will not use district funds to support – position will be eliminated
  • Pre-School coordinator has been part time, was reduced when we made the $4.2M in cuts two years ago. IT will be further reduced by 33%
  • Administration for summer school will be cut by 50%
  • Academic Services Administration will be reduced by approximately $25K

Teaching positions – 65%, or approximately $605,000

  • HS Social Studies department reduced by 1 position – impacts class size and elective offerings, teachers remaining will have to cover more core classes and less sections offered = larger class sizes
  • FCS eliminated (1 position)– Independent living courses eliminated, larger class sizes and for remaining electives
  • Special education 1.5 positions – will put most special ed. classes at maximum case load – may have to add back part if enrollment increase to comply with state and federal guidelines
  • Elementary positions – 3 increase class size, may increase up to 5 depending on special education enrollment and class limits for special education.
  • MS/HS STEM teacher and A.P. coordinator – teacher retiring, will not replace at this time.  Impacts STEM programming and HS A.P.
  • Guidance .5 position – impacts classroom guidance, support shifted more to building admin.
  • Phys. Ed .5 –reduction in time at elementary level and larger class size
  • Art -1 – reduction in time at elementary level

Classified positions – 11%, or approximately $105,000

  • Bus only those outside of a 1 mile walking distance from school including Kg students – 6 driver positions eliminated.  This is not state minimum and I am not recommending payment in lieu of for private school students at this time.
  • Teacher assistant/aide – 1 position

Operations – 16%, or approximately $150,000

  • Mostly impacting Technology and new equipment purchases
  • Reduced field trips
  • Staff development travel greatly reduced – largely supported now by grant funding, grant funded trips will remain
  • Building and department budgets reduced by 5%
  • Several supplemental positions cut – impact on extra-curricular opportunities, may be run by volunteer and/or fundraising




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