Lakewood OH

Paving scheduled this week for Bay tennis courts

By Jeff Gallatin

Bay Village

City officials are shooting for letting area tennis fans serve up some fun at the redone tennis courts located by City Hall by around Memorial Day.

Bay Village service Director Dan Galli said Thursday LCI Construction, the Chesterland, Ohio, firm doing the work, was planning to pave the tennis court area this week. Workers had razed the old courts and did preparation work before winter hit. Galli said workers had been waiting for several consecutive days of good weather to do the actual paving.

“Weather permitting, it’s a two- or three-day job for the paving part of it,” he said.

Galli said after the paving period is done, construction officials usually plan for a 30-day curing period for paving, which would put it slightly after Memorial Day, which falls on May 27 this year. However, Galli said, if the work goes well and the weather does not hamper the paving or curing process, the courts likely would be able to open in time for Memorial Day weekend.

“That 30-day period is usually a conservative estimate to allow for other potential problems with the weather or work process,” he said. “If things go well, the area that’s been paved often are ready for use up to several days before the 30-day period is up.”

Galli said that could indeed be the case for the tennis courts, since the initial portion of the work was done last year. In addition, he cited LCI’s proven track record as a contractor.

“As a construction firm, they specialize in parks and recreation projects,” he said. “They’re well-known and have done a lot of these type of projects. So, there’s a good possibility they can get this done in (a) good time frame for us.”




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