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Developers propose luxury condominiums by Cahoon Creek, former gas station property

By Jeff Gallatin

Bay Village

An area development firm made a presentation to Bay Village City Council Monday about possible development of luxury condominiums in the Cahoon Creek area around a former gas station property on Wolf Road.

Developers Andrew Brickman and Justin Campbell of Abode Living said they are looking at placing more than 20 condominiums in the area including the area containing the former Shell gas station, which has been vacant for several years, and other nearby residential land by Cahoon Creek.

Abode Living has already developed upscale condominiums in Rocky River in the Eleven River project, as well as the Clifton Pointe properties, a similar project in Lakewood by the old Irish Cottage property. They also have been discussing the potential development of the Mandley-Vetrovsky funeral home property on the east end of Fairview Park into either luxury condominiums or an office building.

In the proposal, the developers said they would like to see Bay Village rezone the portion of the proposed project site currently zoned for single- family homes to allow for the redevelopment of the properties. That would require being placed on the ballot for a public vote in a November election. The property containing the former Shell gas station already was rezoned several years ago for attached housing and would fit the project criteria. In addition, the developers indicated several times they would want the city to grant a tax abatement to them as part of the project.

After their presentation, both developers said they would like to get the terms of a potential agreement in place with the city as quickly as possible so they could attempt to get the rezoning issue on the November 2013 ballot.

Prior to the meeting, Mayor Debbie Sutherland said Brickman and Abode Living have a fine development track record in the area, but noted that there would have to be action by city council and the public before any project could go forward.

“They obviously have had some success with putting together nice projects in the Northeast Ohio area,” she said, “So this is something worth listening to, at least.

“He’s done well with those type of projects,” she said. “Plus, that area was rezoned a few years ago for attached housing. It’s a beautiful area with trees and a creek flowing by in the back of the property – it would make sense to consider some type of housing project back there.”

However, Sutherland said council would have to approve any tax abatement and the rezoning would have to go to the public vote.

“There really isn’t any tradition of council approving tax abatements, so you’d have to see how that turns out,” she said. “Plus, you would have to see how the rezoning issue turns out on the ballot to see if any project could proceed.”

Sutherland said she would welcome a residential project, but not a commercial one.

“There is a need for additional nice housing stock in Bay Village,” she said. “It’s something we could use a little more within the city. We’ve got some studies and information which indicates we really don’t need any commercial business development in that area of Bay Village.”




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