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CWGA kicks off 90th year with team play at Avon Oaks

The Cleveland Women’s Golf Association started its 90th anniversary last Thursday with a team-play tournament at Avon Oaks Country Club.
Kirtland, which placed third in 2012 is in the lead after the first round. Out of
a possible 270 points accumulated by the team’s five players, Kirtland won with a score of  183.5 points. Elyria came in second with 155.5 points and Lake Forest, the 2012 fourth place team, is third with 154.5 points. All the winners played in foursomes. 

Last year’s winner, Westwood and runner-up, The Country Club, played in
threesomes with only 180 total points available to them. Because of this
variance in possible points, Westwood, who won 121.5 points and The Country Club with 110 points, are very much in the running after one match.

In the next match at Chagrin Valley Country Club June 6, Westwood and Country both play in threesomes again. Both Kirtland and Lake Forest will remain in foursomes while Elyria will change to threesome. Points will continue to be unequal until the final match at Shaker Country Club on July 25.

May 23 at Avon Oaks team results
1. Kirtland Country Club 183.5
2. Elyria Country Club 155.5
3. Lake Forest Country Club 154.5
4. Canterbury Golf Club 123.5
5. Chagrin Valley Country Club 123
6. Westwood Country Club 121.5
7. Shaker Country Club 118
8. Columbia Hills Country Club 115
9. The Country Club 110
10. Avon Oaks Country Club 107
11. Barrington Golf 88
12. Mayfield/Sandridge 85
13. Beechmont Country Club 72
14. Lakewood Country Club 63.5

Information courtesy of CWGA



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