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Sebring’s Ohio education license suspended, he’s banned from seeking another one

By Jeff Gallatin

North Olmsted

A former assistant superintendent in the North Olmsted school district has had his Ohio education license suspended and is permanently prohibited from applying for any new license.

Ohio Department of Education officials said the action stems from Albert “Doug” Sebring’s conviction in Marion County Circuit Court in Florida on five counts of video voyeurism. The charges stemmed from a fall incident in which Sebring used a video camera to obtain video footage of five different women under their dresses while they were attending a street festival in Marion County last fall. Investigating officers said the husband of one of the women saw Sebring using the video camera and alerted police. After being confronted by officers, Sebring turned the camera – on which investigators found the video footage of the five women – over to police.

John Charlton, associate director of communications for the Ohio Department of Education, said the action by the state stems from an agreement Sebring entered into with the state board of education.

“The consent agreement suspends Mr. Sebring’s license and prohibits him from re-applying for any new license,” Charlton said. “This prohibition is permanent.”

Sebring, a more than 30-year veteran educator in Ohio who retired from the North Olmsted school district in 2010 after more than 20 years as an assistant superintendent, had gotten a new five-year professional superintendent license in 2009. It was scheduled to expire June 30, 2014, but with the action, Sebring cannot seek another license in Ohio.

Charlton said the action stems from an investigation by an investigator in the department of education’s office of professional conduct. That investigation was begun in January 2013 after the department was notified of the actions taken against Sebring in Florida. State officials contacted North Olmsted school district officials in January about the matter. The department of education probe was done independently of the Florida investigation, officials said.

Terry Krivak, interim superintendent of the North Olmsted school district, said he was notified of the action taken against Sebring by the state. When Sebring had the charges in Florida filed against him, Krivak and the district notified Sebring that he was no longer allowed on school property and that he was barred from contact with district students.

After Sebring’s conviction in the Florida court, Krivak said the district’s prohibitions against Sebring would be maintained. With the state department of education action, he said it would continue to be maintained.

“I don’t see any reason to change that action,” Krivak said.

North Olmsted police Chief Jamie Gallagher said as of Friday, the department had still not received any local complaints about Sebring.

Sebring, a resident of North Ridgeville whom Florida authorities said had purchased a retirement home in that state, could not be reached for comment.




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