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Roofing firm to fill longtime hole in Bay City Hall roof repair

By Jeff Gallatin

Bay Village

City officials are finally ready to fill in a three-year hole on their list of needed repairs.

Campopiano Roofing of Twinsburg, Ohio, at the March 25 City Council meeting, was awarded a $32,500 contract for fixing the shingled area of the City Hall roof, which was severely damaged during a 2010 hailstorm. The city had to wait until a mediation process with insurers was resolved. Campopiano was one of seven firms to submit bids.

“It’s been a long wait to get this done and ready to go out for bid,” Mayor Debbie Sutherland said. “The storm tore up that area of the roof pretty bad when it hit.”

Sutherland noted that it can become a drawn-out process when an insurance company and a client disagree. In addition to the City Hall roof, the city also had problems resolving a claim with insurers when the salt garage at the city’s service department collapsed several years ago. Sutherland said she’s glad to get the roof issue resolved before further problems develop.

“It’s been three years getting all this resolved, and the referee finally got it resolved,” she said. “We wanted to get this taken care and get the bids out and approved, so we can get this done before the spring rain season got under way this year.”

Bay Village service Director Dan Galli said he hopes to have the project done within the next few weeks.

“It’s something that we anticipate can be done within a few days once it gets under way,” he said.

Galli said the city will try to schedule the work with Campopiano to cause a minimum of time disruption while the work is taking place.

“It’s something where we’ll try to get it started on a Thursday or a Friday so they can work through the weekend and either have it done or ready to be finished by early the next week,” he said.

Galli said city officials will meet with their Campopiano counterparts in the next few days to settle on a starting time for the work.




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