Lakewood OH

ODOT, Bay getting ready for major Lake Road work this summer

By Jeff Gallatin


Bay Village officials are ready to start the engine on an estimated $865,000 repaving project on a well-traveled portion of Lake Road this summer.

City Council Monday approved entering into an agreement with CT Consultants to do the design and engineering work for the project, which will extend from the Bay Village-Avon Lake border to 400 feet east of the Lake Road-Long Beach Parkway intersection. Officials plan to have the engineering and design work ready for inspection in enough time to get the actual bidding for the project taken care of by July and the construction work under way by August.

“It should take about six weeks once the actual construction work gets under way,” said Bay Village service Director Dan Galli. “It’s something we would like to get under way by August and then be done in September. It’s the type of project where we really don’t want to go beyond September.”

The project is being done by the Ohio Department of Transportation and the city. Under the terms of the agreement, the city is paying the entire cost ($48,815) for the design and engineering work. The state is paying for 85 percent of the actual construction and paving costs, with the city picking up the remainder of it.

Mayor Debbie Sutherland said she’s pleased to have the project close to starting, and that the project also shows how cooperation between different governmental bodies can work out.

“We’ve had other successful team-ups with the state like on the Bassett Road work, as well as the state and county on the Bradley-Naigle work,” she said. “When you have a large-scale project like these, it helps to have a good working relationship and understanding of each other.”

Sutherland said the project is needed on the highly traveled roadway.

“Drivers can tell you there is a definite need for this project to be done,” she said. “There’s been some patching work in recent years, but nothing as extensive as this for some time.”

Galli said there hasn’t been work this extensive done on Lake Road for nearly 20 years.

“There was some repaving work on a smaller portion of Lake Road about 10 years ago,” he said, “but there hasn’t been anything like this for some time.”

After the design work is completed, and the construction work contract awarded, Galli said state and city officials will put together a construction schedule with the contractor and let the public know how road travel will be affected by the work.

“It will take about six weeks, but it’s something we can get done this year once we get it under way,” he said. “We know it’s something that will affect a lot of people.”



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