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Lakewood author discusses her book and the process by which she reads handwriting

By Nicole Hennessy


“Life is about relationships, the resolved and unresolved,” said Betty Rozakis, a professional graphologist.

We’re all born into relationships, she continued. As children, we explore those before trying to figure out who we are as individuals. These relationships shape who we will become.

But ultimately the question arises: “How can we grasp who we are?”

For Rozakis, the answer to that question lay in handwriting – not just her own, but also that of those she’s loved throughout her life.

Since she was a child she has been drawn to handwriting, saving every card or letter she ever received. Almost innately, she noticed how different people’s handwriting could be, but it would be awhile before she observed it professionally, with an advanced diploma from the British Academy of Graphology to back up her conclusions.

She says that she and her husband got married right out of college, in their early 20s, and she was searching for something that would ensure they grew together and had a good marriage.

“I got lucky; I met someone whose energy brought me comfort,” she said, wanting to nurture that as much as possible. “There’s something about his rhythm that moved my soul.”

Still, she wanted to understand how exactly they differed, and the most effective ways to turn those differences into strengths, so she began studying graphology.

What started out as very dissimilar handwriting, amazingly, has become more alike throughout the couple’s 32-year marriage.

“He helps me think, and I help get him out,” she said, explaining that her husband tends to be somewhat of an introvert.

With more than 20 years of experience, she remains the only American to have received a diploma from the British academy. She works out of her husband’s Westlake medical practice at 29111 Center Ridge Road, helping patients with illnesses ranging from depression to migraines.

Analyzing patients’ handwriting and that of those they are close to, Rozakis is able to help them realize areas of their lives that are unbalanced and could use some attention – and, as she did, balance their lives to accommodate their relationships.

For example, a current patient of hers, a married mother of four, found herself having an affair with a 26-year-old man. Worried, she came to Rozakis to understand why her life went in the direction it did.

Rozakis gathered handwriting examples from the woman, her husband, her lover and both of her parents to create a full picture of the woman’s life. She continues to work with her, helping her understand what areas of her life need more balance.

When she meets a potential patient, she also has them draw a tree. This helps her create a more accurate depiction of the person’s mental state. Is it grounded? Does it have lush leaves or branches?

All of these and other clues help her gain insight into the subconscious.

The handwriting analysis also has key factors that lead to conclusions, such as where on the page the writing sample is situated, in what direction it is slanted or the composition of the letters.

There is a specific rubric Rozakis follows – the Enneagram Guide for the Self – which separates people into nine personality types.

Confident in her skills and understanding of graphology, Rozakis warns against amateur readings. “A little knowledge is a dangerous  thing,” she said.

Instead, she encourages people to consult with her, even if they’re just curious.


SIDE BAR: This article came from a lecture at Lakewood Public Library on April 9, at which Betty Rozakis discussed graphology and her book, “Coffee With the Subconscious.” She can be contacted at 216-854-3506 or at





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