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Stadium foundation gets go-ahead for track tests

By Jeff Gallatin


North Olmsted Stadium Foundation officials are ready to dig for more information to determine how extensive Phase 1 of its facilities work will be.

Members of the North Olmsted Board of Education endorsed at its Feb. 20 meeting allowing the foundation to select a firm to conduct a survey of the property plus drill and draw samples to determine whether the district’s stadium track will need to be replaced or merely renovated.

“Those tests will determine whether the first phase is a $1.5 million or $1 million project,” John Kraft from the foundation told the board.

If the track needs replacing in addition to the major component of the plan to install new field turf on the football/soccer field, Phase 1 of the foundation’s plans will require the more expensive option, he said.

Kraft asked the board to indicate its support as well as possibly pay for the actual work. However, school board President John Lasko said it would be better for the district and the Foundation if the board indicated its support for the move, but did not provide the specific financial support for those tests. Lasko asked Kraft if the board merely indicating its support an approval for going ahead with the tests would be sufficient, and Kraft indicated that it would.

Lasko said later he expected the work would be done within the next few weeks.


“I don’t think it will take a long time since the Foundation is doing a good job of  setting up it’s work,” he said. “I would think that they will get someone in there fairly quickly to do the surveying work. After that, once they get someone to do the actual drilling for the tests, they should be able to get that done and then have some results within the next few weeks.”

Lasko said the Foundation group has done a good job of keeping school officials informed as to how the project is progressing and in setting up plans so the work can continue to move forward.

Board member Linda Cleary asked if the drilling and tests would be on the actual track and if it would affect competitors using the track, adding that she didn’t want any athletes having the potential to be hurt.

Kraft said it would be on the track, but noted whoever does the drilling will be an experienced firm and should be able to keep it from affecting track meets; but he said he would address that specifically with the company selected to do the tests.

He said the foundation is still aiming to have the new turf installed in time for the 2013-2014 school year.




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