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Monthly Archives: March, 2013

Two Rocky River students help ‘Stop the Hate’ through essay contest

Rocky River By Sue Botos Being bombarded with accounts of violence and cruelty each day by the media or from each other, it sometimes can be tough for young people to be optimistic, or to find a role model. But two Rocky River Middle School students put their feelings of hope into words and have […]

Rangers’ heroic WWII fight across Europe chronicled by Westlake native

If all you know about the Army Rangers’ D-Day climb up the cliffs of Pointe du Hoc is from the movie ”The Longest Day,” you don’t know half the story.

Social Security benefits: When to apply and how to maximize

By Nicole Hennessy Westshore Social Security is a convoluted system that may not be fully understood by anyone, even the lawmakers who amend and adapt it into even less comprehensible forms. Still, most people must figure out how to maximize their benefits at some point. This is not as simple as retiring and filling out a form. There are […]

Landmarks commission OK’s school annex demolition

By Jeff Gallatin North Olmsted School district officials said last week they got a little smoother path to dealing with traffic and safety issues in the middle school area after the North Olmsted Landmarks Commission approved demolishing an old annex while tabling action on another school-related proposal. District officials plan to demolish the annex by […]



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