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First projects going out for bid in Bay Schools facilities upgrade from levy

By Jeff Gallatin

Bay Village

School officials are taking steps toward putting the first nuts and bolts into place on more than $16.8 million in facility upgrades and renovations scheduled to take place during the next few years.

Bay Village Superintendent Clint Keener said Thursday the district already put out for bid the first project related to heating plant equipment in several district buildings. Officials plan to put requests for bids out in the next two weeks for the next two projects on the schedule from the 1.96-mill capital improvements bond levy approved by voters in November. District officials discussed the planned work during a special Board of Education work session March 18.

“We’d like to get all the bids back relatively quickly and make a decision by May on who will be doing the work,” Keener said. “That way we can award the contracts and they can get the work under way as quickly as possible during the summer.”

Keener said it will be advantageous for the district and contractors to complete what they can during the summer months, particularly for the boiler and related work project.

“I would expect that the contractors will do the work affecting the classrooms and areas where people spend a lot of time during the summer so it should be done by the time schools open again in the fall,” he said. “After that, if it’s necessary, they can work on the boilers and other equipment, which aren’t near the students and staff during the early part of the school year. We just want to have that work completed by the time the heating season begins later in the the school year.”

Keener said preliminary estimates are that the assorted heating plant projects will cost approximately $1.4 million.

“There’s a lot of work that needs to be done at the high school, for example,” he said, in noting the initial cost projections.

Keener said the district is looking forward to seeing the initial bids on the heating plant work as well as the other two upcoming projects, noting that the district has had financially favorable bids returned on other projects in recent years. Officials at an assortment of Westshore public entities have noted those types of bids in recent years and attributed much of it to contractors wanting to make sure they have work in tough economic times.

Keener said the second project scheduled to go out for bids involves facade and building repair on most district buildings, with the exception of the middle school, which was only built a few years ago. Initial cost projections for that work are about $292,000, he said.

“It’s not as extensive as the heating plant work,” he said. “It’s more on the order of fixing masonry and other building facade repairs which need to be done.”

Keener said the third and last project scheduled to go out for bids focuses on electrical work at several buildings and has an initial projected cost of about $1.49 million.




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