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Fairview Park Chatter – March 20, 2013

IN THE KITCHEN: Maria Isabella, author of “In the Kitchen with Cleveland’s Favorite Chefs,” will share cooking tips at 7 p.m. today at the Fairview Park Branch Library, 21255 Lorain Road.

Isabella will discuss what culinary secrets she learned from visiting the private kitchens of 35 local culinary greats, including Michael Symon and Jonathon Sawyer. She challenged each chef to share their favorite dishes for entertaining friends and family that could be prepared in under an hour. Isabella will share some of the recipes. Books will be available for purchase and signing. Registration is required and can be done online at or by calling 440-333-4700.

WHERE’S THE PIZZA? West Life received a number of calls this past week regarding our March 13 front page article on Frickaccio’s, the popular pizza and bakery shop at the West Side Market that opened a location in Fairview Park a year ago. As the article neglected to include the street address of Frickaccio’s Fairview Park store, many called to ask where it’s located.

Frickaccio’s address is 22560 Lorain Road. The store is on the north side of the street, almost across from McDonald’s restaurant. The article can be accessed online on West Life’s web site,, and on our Facebook page.

CITIZEN OF THE YEAR: The Fairview Park Community Council is accepting nominations for the 2013 Citizen of the Year title.

Nomination forms are available at Fairview Park City Hall, the Senior Center, Gemini Center, Fairview Park Branch Library, Fairview Park Board of Education office and at The deadline for nominations is March 31.

The winner will be chosen by the five most recent Citizens of the Year. Community Council will honor the recipient at a dinner May 1 at the Senior Center.

SPEECH COMPLAINTS: This may be a tempest in a teapot. I received an e-mail from a reader complaining that Mayor Eileen Patton’s State of the City address, which took place the morning of March 13 at the Gemini Center, was too early and cost $20 (for the breakfast served at the Fairview Park Chamber of Commerce meeting). He also complained that a second address given by the mayor March 7 to the Fairview Park Democratic Club in the City Hall community room was, according to that group’s notice in West Life’s Around Town listing, was open only to Democrats and Independents.

Patton said she was an invited speaker to the Democratic Club. “I go where I’m asked and I don’t care who’s in the audience,” the mayor said. “Amy civic organization in the city I’m asked to speak at, I’m always there.”

The mayor said the Democratic Club, like other groups that rent space, can limit its meetings to members.

Jane Reilly, president of the Democratic Club, said the group’s constitution limits its meetings to Democrats and Independents but, as a practical matter, did not check credentials and has never excluded anyone from its meetings. “We’re just operating on the assumption that people are there in good faith,” Reilly said.

John Sobolewski, executive director of the Fairview Park Chamber of Commerce, said if a person wanted to come hear a speaker, especially a public figure, address the organization but did not want to pay for the meal, he or she would be welcomed. But, he said, it would be best if the person called ahead.

Ward 4 Councilman John Hinkel, president of the Fairview Park Republican Club, said that group has not invited Patton to speak this year but has in the past. “We would be willing to invite her again and have no problem issuing an invitation,” he said.

Hinkel said he has heard a few complaints about the mayor giving her State of the City report first to a partisan organization. He thinks there is some validity to those complaints. “I would hold it in a nonpartisan place first,” he said. However, he acknowledged that it likely comes down to a matter of scheduling. Meetings of the Fairview Park Republican Club are open to all, Hinkel said.

Patton said she considers her annual address to the Chamber to be her formal State of the City report. She noted that after it’s given, the text of her remarks is posted on the city’s website.

Also, the March 20 issue of West Life includes an article on the mayor’s Chamber address on page 4, and a podcast of her speech has been posted on West Life’s website. So it would appear that, one way or another, everyone who wants to hear the mayor’s report on the city will be able to do so.



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