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Drills help Bay police, schools prepare for potential crises

By Jeff Gallatin

Bay Village

Thursday’s crisis situation drills at Bay High School started with rookies and ended up with various school police and school personnel having more experience about what could happen and how to react if people with weapons started shooting at the school.

About 100 people took part in three separate drills at the high school Thursday morning, which were set up by the Bay Village Police Department to help prepare the schools and the department for potential crisis situations if someone with weapons got into a school. For security reasons, police prohibited the general public and media from being at the school during the training.

“It was the first time we’ve done something like this in terms of joint training,” Bay Village Detective Kevin Krolkosky said. “I think it went well and we all gained some valuable experience.”

Krolkosky, who also serves as the department’s liaison with the city schools, said the training was designed to be mutually beneficial for both the police and the high school students and staff.

“It gave us the chance to coordinate and work together, which we would have to do if something like this were to take place,” he said.

Krolkosky said one of the drills dealt with evacuation of people from the high school in a crisis situation.

“That’s certainly something we will have to deal with in terms of the students and staff if something were taking place,” he said.

Bay High School Principal Jason Martin was pleased with the results.

“I think it went great,” he said. “Everybody seemed to get a lot out of it. We’ll be discussing it in the next couple of weeks both within the schools as well as with the police to see how we can make it even better in the future.”

Martin said about 40 students were selected to take part in the drill, with about 60 teachers and staff members.

“We had a mix of people,” Martin said. “We had students from four different grades, with a lot of underclassmen, since they will be able to come back and help their fellow students in coming years, as well as high school faculty, staff and even a couple of people from other schools, who were here acting as visitors, just like in a normal day. We wanted to have some students have the opportunity to become leaders, because you would need leaders to come forward and help in situations like we practiced.”

Martin said the high school faculty from the first and second floors worked together on their respective floor drills, just as they most likely would have to do in such a situation.

‘It’s unfortunate that something like this is necessary nowadays, but given what’s gone on in the world, it is,” Martin said. “It’s better that we have some training and preparation for how to deal with something like this.”




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