Lakewood OH

After 24 years, Linden Tavern closes it’s doors

By Sue Botos

Rocky River

Maybe everyone didn’t “know your name” at the Linden Tavern, but the landmark Rocky River eatery and watering hole was known for its comfortable, friendly atmosphere as well as homestyle food. Walking through the doors was almost like entering another era.

But according to owner Herb Eglinski, time goes on. He confirmed to West Life that he has served up his last fish fry, shuttering the restaurant over the weekend after 24 years in business.

The combination of the economy and a bit of a lighter load helped Eglinski reach his decision. “Business has been OK, not outstanding,” he said, adding that he and his wife are in their 70s.

A supposed lease dispute last week fired rumors of the Linden’s demise. But according to reports, the issue had been worked out.

A drive by the Linden on Monday revealed a darkened storefront at 19865 Detroit Road and a sign reading, simply, “Closed.”

“We turned it into a restaurant. It was just a bar at first,” said Eglinski, who bought the business in 1989. It was well-known for its Lake Erie perch, sausage and pierogi dinners and other dishes reflecting the family’s Polish and Italian heritage.

The Linden was a hangout for many regulars, and some of the servers had been with Eglinski since the beginning.

Eglinski says he will not retire. He and son Kevin will continue to provide food service for the Westerly senior living facility in Lakewood.

“We want to thank all of our loyal customers who have been with us over the years. We will miss them all dearly,” Eglinski stated.




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