Lakewood OH

Crews fixing sewer line leak near Porter Creek

By Jeff Gallatin

Bay Village

The old phrase “bubble, bubble, toil and trouble” applied to a Bay Village sewer line leak discovered near Porter Creek late last week, Mayor Debbie Sutherland said.

“A resident was out walking his dog near the area where the leak was located when he saw something come bubbling up out of the ground,” she said. “Unfortunately, it wasn’t like the line in the old ‘Beverly Hillbillies’ show, ‘Up through the ground came some bubbling crude.’ It was something else, specifically some waste from a sanitary sewer line, so we had to do some emergency repairs.”

Sutherland credited Service Department foreman Gordon Evans and workers who were handling the nearby aerial sewer line replacement for devising a strong solution, which prevented other potential problems.

“When we attempted to dig into the ground Thursday to get at it, we couldn’t get down there,” she said. “But the workers on the aerial sewer project used their equipment to get down there and see what was going on with it.”

Sutherland said because the leak was contained quickly, there were no service problems for customers.

“They managed to divert the flow and keep it functioning for the residents on that line,” she said. “Gordon and the service department workers did a good job of getting that taken care of without additional problems.”

She said it’s another example of the service department handling a big problem and finding a solution. Sutherland cited service department workers obtaining generators to make sure the city pump stations kept functioning during Superstorm Sandy, when several of the pumps were disabled by the storm.

“We have a very creative, competent service department which deals well with unusual issues,” she said. “They’ve saved us from some other problems with their work.”

Sutherland said initial repair estimates for the work are about $11,000. She said Ohio Environmental Protection Agency officials have been at the site to make sure everything is handled properly and that there are no additional problems.

Sutherland said workers are still determining the actual cause of the leak.

“There’s a good possibility that it’s because they’re just old metal lines that are several decades old,” she said. “Based on what happened, we’re thinking they may be a good possibility for relining with newer materials.”




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