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Students ‘spare’ some time to Strike Down Hunger

Business teacher Derek Davis and student Steven Darragh prepare for "Strike Down Hunger." (West Life photo by Sue Botos)

By Sue Botos

Rocky River

When it came to creating a business proposal as a class project, some Rocky River High School students had an idea that was right up everyone’s alley.

After some discussion, Derek Davis’ marketing classes decided to plan a bowling fundraiser for the Cleveland Foodbank called “Strike Down Hunger,” set for Bay Lanes in Bay Village on Sunday.

“We thought bowling was a fun way to get people’s attention,” said senior Steven Darragh, one of the event organizers. He added that this was an easy activity in which people of all ages and abilities could participate, and that the Cleveland Foodbank was chosen as beneficiary due to its high profile in the area. Last year, the organization distributed 34.5 million pounds of food to 618 different food banks, making it the main source of nutrition for soup kitchens and local hot-food shelters.

Davis noted the students decided upon bowling after liability issues ruled out the idea of a dance. “Everything was student-oriented and -driven,” he said, adding, “The students had to go out and find sponsors. They created a website (, a Twitter account, a Facebook page and designed a commercial for our (RRHS) website.”

The student efforts were successful, as 10 local sponsors were secured, along with 10 restaurants that will be providing food for the event. Davis said more than 120 bowlers had registered for adult and student divisions. Participants are encouraged to gather sponsors,

who will pay 20 cents for every pin knocked down. According to Davis, bowlers can play competitively, or just for fun.

Food and T-shirts, donated by the sponsors, will also put participants in the right “frame” of mind, as well as $400 in gift cards to be awarded as prizes. The students hope to raise between $2,000 and $5,000 in pledges.

This is the first year for the event, but its organizers hope it will become a tradition, like the “powder puff” football game sponsored by business classes in the fall. During this event, football team members act as coaches for all-female teams, with proceeds going to the senior prom fund.

Davis noted that the partnership between the students and local businesses was beneficial to all. “These are very bright students who are capable of bringing some new, young insights to the businesses,” he stated.

Although Bay Lanes’ size (12 alleys) limits the actual number of bowlers, everyone is encouraged drop in to support the bowlers. “This really brings the community together for a good cause,” said Davis. He added that, especially in difficult times, it was important for the students to “give back” to society.

“This gets them to focus on others and not themselves,” he stated.



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