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Lasko expects hunt for superintendent, finances and stadium plans to be major topics

By Jeff Gallatin

North Olmsted

Newly elected North Olmsted school board President John Lasko expects the district to be busy with a combination of old and new issues in 2013.

Lasko, who previously served as board president in 2011, said he appreciated the opportunity to serve as board president again. He lauded his predecessor, Tom Herbster, noting the changes the district started undergoing in 2012.

“In particular, I want to thank Tom Herbster for his leadership as president during 2012 as we transition from the departure of our former outstanding Superintendent Cheryl Dubsky, through the selection of an excellent interim superintendent, Terry Krivak, and now to the search for a new long-term superintendent,” Lasko said.

“Especially in light of the changes coming out of and required by the state’s legislature beginning this fall and in the years to come, the hiring of a new superintendent will be an immediate and top priority,” Lasko said. “In addition to drawing upon the experience and input of Mr. Krivak, we previously interviewed different firms and selected the Ohio School Board Association to assist us with our search.”

Lasko won the seat at Thursday’s organizational meeting by a 3-2 margin over the 2012 board vice president, Joanne DiCarlo. Terry Groden, Herbster and Lasko voted for Lasko, while Linda Cleary and DiCarlo voted for DiCarlo.

Afterward, DiCarlo said her primary purpose in seeking the board presidency was to work more closely with Krivak.

“The president often serves as a liasion between the board and the district administration,” she said. “I have the highest regard for Superintendent Krivak and all of the staff of the North Olmsted City Schools, and wish to continue to work with Terry as superintendent. He has worked hard and accomplished a lot of good things in a very short period of time.

“I have 32 years of experience with the district, and with the number of major initiatives coming down the pike, I feel that experience does matter,” she said. “I have great respect for Terry Krivak and his style of leadership, and that’s why I wanted to be president and work closely with him to continue to advance the North Olmsted Schools.”

Terry Groden was selected as the new board vice president.

Lasko said the district will have to continue to keep a close eye on finances.

“In addition to watching the impact on our finances of the recent reappraisal of real property and local tax collections here in Cuyahoga County, our eyes again will be on Columbus as the governor and legislature work their way through the budget process for the two-year period that will begin on July 1.”

Lasko said the work of the recently formed North Olmsted Stadium Foundation toward putting new field turf on the district football-soccer field and other improvements also will be a major issue.

“We certainly hope to assist the stadium foundation with its plans to improve and update our football-soccer field and athletic facilities, which not only will benefit our students, but also the entire community,” he said.

Lasko, who was chairman of the North Olmsted Municipal Planning Commission for several years, said the district will continue to keep good relations with the city.

“I’ve said it before, we have many areas where we collaborate with the city on facilities and other projects,” he said. “The stadium foundation project is another perfect example of where we can work together on something which will provide long-term benefits to the city.”




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