Lakewood OH

Sutherland still wants meeting with Friends of Bay Village Kennel group

By Jeff Gallatin


Mayor Debbie Sutherland still would like to meet privately with representatives of Friends of the Bay Village Animal Kennel to discuss a new idea for a new facility even though some members of  the group rejected a private meeting.

About 20 members of the group walked out of the Nov. 26 City Council meeting after City Council tabled the matter.

Council President Paul Koomar has asked the administration and kennel group to make one more effort to sit down and discuss the situation. If there’s no resolution then, he said the group then could request a meeting with the council.  This came after the heated public exchange at the meeting in which group officials Nancy Brown and Ruth Glasmire said they already met with Sutherland last year and could not reach a resolution on getting a new kennel built. The group has noted several times that funds by supporters have been raised to build a new kennel.

Both Brown and Glasmire said the group would only meet in a public forum to discuss any new idea pertaining to a new kennel. The old one likely faces demolition because it is near the city’s old salt barn, which also faces demolition after it’s roof collapsed more than a year ago.

Asked later by West Life about the proposal, Sutherland declined to discuss details until she has a chance to present them to members of the kennel group.

“I don’t think it would be proper to reveal that until I’ve had a chance to discuss it with the group,” she said. “I still feel a public meeting isn’t a proper forum to initially discuss and negotiate a contract.”




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