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Westlake wrestling mattress sale no snoozer

Freshman Justin Hawkins, junior Jacob Goodman, wearing the mattress costume, sophomore Matthew Premen, freshman Parker Goodman and freshman Tommy Bowles, sitting, try to grab the attention of passers-by to the Demons mattress sale. (West Life photo by Stefanie Kilnapp)

By Stefanie Kilnapp
The Westlake High School wrestling team held a successful fundraiser last weekend with its sixth annual mattress sale.
Some might ask, “Why mattresses?”
“One out of ten people buy a new mattress every year,” said Melissa Burdick, marketing and publicity director for Custom Fundraising Solutions. “For a city like Westlake, over 32,000 people live there. That works out to an average of 3,200 people who could buy a mattress just this year alone!”
But what is to be said for the fundraisers in the past, such as candy, subscriptions and holiday helpers?
“We would rather sell something a family needs than something they don’t need more of, like wrapping paper or magazines,” Burdick stated.
The wrestlers themselves do a lot to help out the program, and they have comprehended the significance of reaching out to the Westlake community and asking for their support.  The wrestlers used yard signs, banners, newsletters, the internet and social media to bring as many customers as possible.
“We even use social media (Facebook and Twitter) to get the word out,” Burdick said. “We know that if everyone helps brings in only one person, already shopping for a new mattress, that we will be able to not only write a check to the school for a lot of money, but we will be able to help those people purchase a high quality product at a price that cannot be found anywhere else.
“Folks come by ready to purchase Consumer Best Buy award winning mattress sets for a price that is up to 60 percent less than traditional showroom tags.”
The money made from this fundraiser in particular averages anywhere between $4,000 and $10,000 from these events. The team receives the majority of the profits, getting 60 percent.
“We only do this so that these groups can make a lot of money! Certain groups we work with are on a ‘pay to play’ basis and these fundraisers make a huge difference,” Burdick commented. “We don’t have the headaches and costs of showroom overhead or advertising budgets. We are happy that we work with great communities, their leaders and local businesses to help support the events.”
The event puts the spotlight on the Westlake wrestlers.
“The kids are everything,” Burdick concluded. “Not only are the kids one of the most important variables to the success puzzle, but their parents and the school compromise the rest of the equation, and we are able to place the profits in the hands of the kids.”



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