Lakewood OH

Repair work on Bay Village pump stations progressing

By Jeff Gallatin


City workers continue to work on cleaning up the mess left at the Bay Village sewage pump stations in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Mayor Debbie Sutherland said as of  Nov. 21, work on restoring all the  pumps at the Longbeach and Huntington pump stations had already gotten under way. At its Nov. 19 meeting, City Council unanimously approved hiring Citi Electric, a Cleveland firm, to make $42,000 in emergency repairs to the pumps. The funds will come from the sewer equipment replacement fund.

“The work is ongoing, but they’re making steady progress,” Sutherland said. “It was a tough situation, but they’re continuing to make progress on what was a tough situation.”

Like many northern Ohio cities, Bay Village suffered extensive damage during Hurricane Sandy. Officials said the pump stations’ damage stemmed from the severe wind storm and an apparent electrical backfeed, which severely damaged electrical controls and equipment for the pumps.

“It was pretty bad,” Sutherland said. “At one point, we were down to one pump operating for the city. If it had gone down, we would have had major problems with things backing up into basements.”

Both Sutherland and City Council Finance Committee Chairman Mike Young lauded city workers, as well as the work currently under way.

“(Operations Manager) Donny Landers and (foreman) Gordan Evans in the service department did a good job in doing what they could in terms of dealing with the storm and getting a generator to help and then getting it set up,” Sutherland said.

“I’m very happy with the service department both in terms of how they tried to deal with the storm as well as having good information on contractors and getting us a good group to work on the pumps in what is an emergency situation,” Young said. “Clearly their knowledge has kept a bad situation from getting worse. Electrical issues can be tough, but things are getting better again over there.”

As of Nov. 21, Young said three of the seven pumps for the city were fully functional.

“They’ve got regular ones working well right now, as well as having a backup available in case there are any other issues,” he said.



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