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Westlake takes second, North Olmsted ties for third at SWC

Girls golf

By Ryan Kaczmarski

On a rain-soaked track at Legacy/Sweetbriar Golf Course, the Southwestern Conference girls golf championships played out on Sept. 26, with Westlake placing second, behind only Avon Lake.

The Demons posted a team score of 386, finishing ahead of North Olmsted and Brecksville (395, tied for third), Olmsted Falls (421), Amherst (508) and Berea (563). Avon Lake won its second SWC title in the school’s history (2009, 2012) with its winning score of 350.

“Overall, we’re just very happy with coming in second place,” Westlake head coach Traci Edmunds said. “The girls played really hard and played their best.

“I encouraged them throughout the entire round, ‘Every stroke counts, do your best and play smart,’ and they did,” she added. “Even the girls that were towards the bottom of the lineup did great and helped our team. We’re just ecstatic that we came in second place in the tournament and tied for second place overall.”

Scoring for the Demons were Julia Button (94), Sarah Bates (95), Jordan Labroo (97) and Lauren Kreider (100).

The Demons finished the regular season with an overall record of 12-5 (7-5 in the SWC), and are looking to have some players make the adjustments needed to get through sectionals (played yesterday at Sweetbriar) and move on to districts.

“The girls are going to have to play a little bit better and work on their short game,” Edmunds said. “It comes down to chipping and putting from 100 yards in.

“The girls know the scores they need to have in order to make it to districts, so we’re going to work hard as a team in the next few days and hope to make it to districts.”

After a drought-ridden golf season, none of the girls were ready for playing in a downpour last Wednesday.

“There’s no preparation for playing in the rain,” Edmunds said. “We definitely didn’t think we were going to have to play in this, so I’m so proud of the girls that they were able to play well today.

“I told them, before they went off, make sure you use an extra club on every shot, because the ball is not going to roll. So, obviously they listened and all shot well today.”

The North Olmsted team was led by Katey Hull with her score of 86 (fourth overall in the tournament), followed by Liz Rodman (104) and Cathy Rodman and Leah Sladky, both finishing with a score of 105.

“I watched (Katey) pretty much the whole day and she could have easily shot an 81 or 82, or 79 or 80, if the weather would have been a little better,” Eagles head coach Tony Naples said. “She had some bad breaks because of the weather, but she was happy with the way she played overall and I was too.

“(The SWC tournament) was just a warm-up for her,” he added. “She wants to qualify for districts, so she used today to get familiar with the course, so she can get through sectionals and go on to districts. She had some good shots in those bad conditions (today), so she’s just going to get prepared for sectionals.”

According to Naples, there are things that everyone on the North Olmsted team is going to have to work on to improve their scores.

“They’re just going to have to play more consistently,” he said. “They’ll have a par, two bogeys then a nine on a par-4. They just haven’t been real consistent and that’s what we’re going to work on now.

“I have to get them concentrating making good contact and not throwing away strokes.”

The Olmsted Falls team was led by Ashley Gomez, who had the third overall best round with her score of 85, behind Avon Lake’s Niki Schroeder (77) and Corynn Krieg (81). The other Bulldogs’ who scored in the tournament were Alyshia Boscarello (111), Jessica Bobik (112) and Morgan Haviland (113).

SWC boys golf championships

Sept. 20 at Pine Hills

  1. Brecksville (322)
  2. Avon Lake (328)
  3. Olmsted Falls (332)
  4. Amherst (332)
  5. Westlake (347)
  6. Midpark (355)
  7. North Olmsted (367)
  8. Berea (376)


Olmsted Falls’ Alex Torres finished third overall in the tournament with his score of 79, behind Campana from Amherst (74) and Frey from Brecksville (78).




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