Lakewood OH

Political question of the week

By Nicole Hennessy


Each week leading up to the election, West Life, in partnership with The Civic Commons, has been choosing a group within the community and finding out how they feel about topical political issues. Last week the question, “Will the vice presidential debate sway how you choose to vote?” drew a small response, one being a simple “No, my mind was made up about my presidential choice a long time ago.” This week, the question is a little different: “Why do you think more people are likely to share opinions online?”

There are obvious reasons for this, as our respondent this week pointed out, and while the response this week remains about the same as that of the last, this North Olmsted High School teacher managed to contribute a pretty complete answer:

“In general I think it comes down to two things. Is there time and does the topic strike a chord? If these two things match a response is more likely. Young people are more likely to post comments and feelings largely because their responses are quick, typically using social media outlets that allow for quick communication. Once we start looking at the older generations responses tend to fall off because the media outlet, I am guessing email, tends to be more time consuming. Responses for the young population are more common when they are targeted at them personally. For the older populations responses are left for specific topics are timely and meaningful (i.e. election topics).”  – Phil Bonus



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