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Leaf pickup crews ready to sweep through North Olmsted

By Jeff Gallatin


City officials last week began their annual work on making several clean sweeps through the neighborhoods in the annual leaf pickup and collection program.

Safety/Service Director Scott Thomas said Friday the program, which began Monday, is set to run through Dec. 7 this year. As in previous years, there will be more than one sweep through the city.

“We’re planning on making three sweeps through the city this year,” Thomas said. “Each street will receive a minimum of three sweeps, just as as been done in recent years.”

This year’s pickup begins on the west side of North Olmsted and will work its way east.

“Right now, we’re expecting the first pickup sweep to take two to three weeks to go through the city,” Thomas said. “But, we still encourage people to put them out as quickly as possible so they’re ready in case they’re moving through the work quickly. It still will be a few weeks in between the different sweeps.”

Thomas said the second sweep is expected to last three to five weeks because of a higher volume of material, while the third and last scheduled one will take two to three weeks to complete, he said.

Paul Schumann, chairman of city council’s environmental committee, said he like the program being like last year’s.

“It saves a few thousand dollars because we don’t have people waiting around like if they set a specific time period like a week for one area,” he said. “We just start in one area and move through another and then we go back through at least twice.”

If people want additional information or want to get an idea of where the workers are they can call the leaf information line at (216) 524-6668.




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